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The E-Collar Bun-G. We love the E-Collar Bun-G because it’s not only practical, but also customizable from size to colour (make it two-tone and you’re bound to turn heads!) E-Collar straps don’t have to be basic (crazy, eh?). Getting the right fit with any E-Collar is hard enough, but the E-Collar Bun-G makes fitting easy. Forget fumbling with sizing and trying to get perfect contact. This product is very easy to get on and off.


How It Works:

Slide the E-Collar receiver unit onto the end of the E-Collar Bun-G Collar and do up the buckle. Loosen the Bun-G by pushing the Duraflex USA Locktite CordLock (TM) up and securing over your dog’s head. Slide the cordlock down to secure in place and you’re good to go. We spent time searching for and testing a cordlock that will withstand running, swimming, playing and hiking in the bush. This cordlock is ultra secure and offers the strongest locking action available. It’s strong yet minimalistic and will look fantastic on your pup.


Compatible with 3/4" width E-Collar units and 1" width units. The height of the BioThane® used for this collar  is 2.67mm . Confirmed compatibility with E-Collar Technologies units. Not sure if the E-Collar Bun-G will fit your E-collar receiver unit? Get in touch.


Measuring Your Dog's Neck For The E-Collar Bun-G:

Please ensure you measure the circumference of your dog’s neck where the e-collar typically sits and please do a snug measurement as an E-Collar strap is typically worn tighter than a regular collar.


We use BioThane® for all of our products and we're proud of it! BioThane® is a vegan, waterproof, stinkproof, durable material that has the feel of broken in leather. BioThane® is produced in the USA and then we handmake all of our products here in Canada!



  1. Make sure you have communicated any custom requests to us before you place you order. You can do this by direct messaging with us through our website, email or social media, and then leaving a note for us at checkout.
  2. Ensure you have gone through our size guide and utilized our resources to take all necessary measurements required for your order. Remember, we do not accept responsibility for incorrect measurements of your dog's neck size.
  3. Read through our shipping policy. We make every item as it is ordered so the production could take up to 4+ weeks plus shipping time before it is in your hands.
  4. Read through our return policy. We don't want to sound like a broken record, but it is so important to make sure your order has all the right info. Mistakes do happen, so we'll work with you to fix any problems, but they'll be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  5. For info on how to clean your Pack Hardware gear, check out our FAQ!

The E-Collar Bun-G

  • Safety and durability are a big deal to us here at Pack Hardware. We use top-quality BioThane and thoroughly tested hardware, and when we're thinking up our next product we always have the toughest uses in mind. We test all of our products and would never sell something we wouldn't let our own pups use, but with time and rough play we know things can happen. Please make sure you're regularly inspecting your Pack Hardware products for wear and tear.

    *Over time, our brass hardware may discolour and the black may scratch.

    *Pack Hardware cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained through the improper use of our products.

    *If your pup's got a playdate and they like to wrestle, we recommend a secure space like a fenced backyard and removing their collars.

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